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Born on March 31, 1978 in Hamburg, Germany, of Turkish parents Sabia Engizek married in 2006 with former football player Khalid Boulahrouz. Despite the divorce in 2013, Sabia still carries the surname Boulahrouz. She debut on Sunday September 27th 2015 at the fashion show of Light &Stars in Hamburg in Germany as a catwalk model. Sabia was on Friday November 20 and 27. 2015 show as a member of the board of ten in the Dutch program "Mind Masters Live". She is very busy, but Perry from Moov.nl was given the opportunity to interview the charming Sabia Boulahrouz for the website.


001.What’s you’re favorite CD?

       Actually I don’t have any particular favorite CD. I listen to a lot of different artists.

002.What’s you’re favorite number?

       A particular favorite song I don’t have, but I do like to listen to the music of Beyoncé Knowles.

003.How important is music in you’re private-life?

       Music is absolutely important to me. I see music as the window to the soul. Without music I could not live.

004.Who’s you’re favorite singer (male or female) and/or group?

       I like to listen to the female singers Adele, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Lopez. But

       I also listen to classical music by composers such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Antonio Vivaldi.

005.With who do you like to sing a duet someday?

       In that case I would go for the male singer Justin Timberlake.

006.What’s you’re favorite sport to watch? And which sport do you do yourself?

       I love to watch tennis. Personally, I sometimes do practice boxing. That frees my mind.

007.In September 2015 you ran during the fashion show Light & Stars in Hamburg in Germany. Were you nervous

       before the fashion show?

       It was the first time for me that I ran a fashion show. So yes, I was really nervous before we start. But it was so much fun

       to do and I really enjoyed it.

008.After your debut as a model in the fashion show of Light & Stars you got soon offered a modeling contract.

       Were you surprised that it was so fast?

       The fashion show Light & Stars was organized by Ted Linow. He is also the owner of Mega Model Agency, the

       company that offered me the modeling contract. When Ted and I met for the first time, we realized that we could find

       very well together in the business area.

009.A fashion show in Germany and a program as a judge in the Netherlands. Good to combine. But suppose you

       would have to make a choice, what would it be?

       A choice I can not and will not make. I was born in Hamburg and therefore Germany will always be my home. But I also

       love to work in the Netherlands. The Netherlands also feels to me like a home.

010.What can we expect from you in the future on showbizzway?

        I just keep doing modeling work.


Interview: Perry Krootjes