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Born on the 29 September 1965 in Solbergelva, Nedre Eiker in Norway born Rune Temte was a professional football player for Strømgodset Football Club. From 1988 until 1990 he studied at the Academy Theatre Project in Oslo in Norway. Rune started his career in Norway and made in 1988 his debut in the film 'Brun bitter’ and was also seen that year in ‘Arrow in the Heart’. In 1993 he made his theater debut with a role in the play Torch Song Trilogy. Rune had in 1996 roles in the film 'Hustruer III' and the theaterplay Birdy playing Alfonso. In 1997 he could be seen in the film ‘Dangerous Place’ and playing Hamlet. Rune had roles in 1998 in the movie 'Markus & Diana’ and the theaterplay A Midsummer Night's Dream playing Oberon. In 1999 and 2000, he had roles in the plays The Taming of the Shrew as Tranio, Richard the Third as Gatsby, On the Ball and Two Living and One Dead. Rune was in 2003 in the movies ‘Fia og klovnene’ and ‘Torp ' and in the theaterplay A Topisk and Polar. In 2004 he had a role in the film ‘Asphalt evangeliet’. Rune had in 2005 roles in the plays Terrorists and Bohm and Bohmer. In 2007 he could been admired in the theaterplay Karl & Anna and the film 'Switch'. Rune had in 2008 a role in the play The Tempest and a year later he had the lead role in the film 'Ulykken’. In 2012 he was seen in theaters with his monologue performance Mannen som byggde hytter. Furthermore, Rune had roles in the short films 'Cargo', 'Berort' and 'Sludd’. Guest appearances he had in tv-series as "Vesta Vind", "Ninni", "Off Shore", "Ansur", "Skolen", "Jul i Svingen", "Eva & Adam", "Lilyhammer" " TRIO: Odin's Gull "and" Hotel Caesar ".


In 2012, Rune had a role in the Swedish film ‘Johan Falk: Organizatsija Karayan’. Guestappearances he had in the German TV series "Der Kommissar rund das Meer" and "Tatort".


From 1993 until 1994 Rune studied Drama Studio in London in England. Then he appeared in English-language projects, such as Ubba in the TV series "The Last Kingdom" from 2015. In 2016 Rune played a role in the film ‘Eddie the Eagle’. He also has worked with stars like Dexter Fletcher, Rutger Hauer, Hugh Jackman and Christopher Walken. Perry from Moov.nl was given the opportunity to speak with Rune Temte for an interview for the website.


001.What’s you’re favorite CD and why?

       I think the French-Polish film ‘La Double Vie de Véronique’ from 1991 is fantastic. Also the soundtrack of this film by the Polish composer Zbigniew

       Preisner I find awesome emotionally. The music is melancholic, powerful and soulful.

002.What’s you’re favorite number and when do you listen mostly to it?

       At home I like to put up the song “Van den Budenmayer Concerto en mi mineur (SBI 152) Version de (1798)” to relax on.

003.Do you ever listen to music before you go on stage for a theatreplay or when you need to film?

       Music is important. But not right before I go on stage or when I should filming.

004.How important is music in your privatelife?

       Every day I listen on the way to the gym in my car to both classical and modern music on the radio.

005.Who’s you’re favorite singer (male or female) and/or group?

       My favorite male singer is Magnus Stinnerbom. By the women is this Vårin Strand. While I like to listen by the groups to The Cure and Madness.

       But I also like to listen to DJ Kygo, baritone Tito Gobbi and violinist Ludvig Gudim.

006.With who do you like to sing a duet someday?

       In that case I would go for the female singer Grace Jones.

007.What’s you’re favorite sport to watch? And which sport do you do yourself?

       I prefer to do sport than I watch it. My favorite sport to practice is running. But I also like to do football, mountain biking, rugby and handball.

008.You act in television series ("The Last Kingdom"), movies (‘Eddie the Eagle’), doing theater (the play The Tempest from 2008) and was

       professional football player (for the Strømgodset Football Club). If you must make a choice out of all your work you do more like than

       anything, what would it be?

       I couldn’t make a choice. Because I enjoy doing all these activities. Also was my monologue Men sum byggde hytter (The Man Who Built Himself

       Cabins) from 2012 great to do.

009.You sometimes hear that every character that an actor or actress is playing contains something of themself. Can you tell an agreement

       and big difference in character between yourself and Ubbu from "The Last Kingdom"?

       The character I play is always a part of me. I use different parts, emotions and other things that I have. The context (the happening which takes its

       meaning) how I bring into the picture, it will show the character and story. Ubba is me, but I have empathy. He doesn’t have. This is a big difference

       between us. All my work I do out of love. This opens up for me the character and I will drag the audience into the world of Ubba in this case.

       Besides that, the work must always be fun to do. You have to have fun in it.

010.At what point in your career are you so far the most proud and/or do you save the best memories?

       Currently I'm at a point in my career that the great work is possible. I am naturally very proud of that. I try to prepare myself as best as possible on

       all of it and meanwhile I enjoy doing quite everything. Luck is when preparation turned into opportunities.

011.You've worked with a few different famous people. But who of those has made most impression to you?
That's hard to say because they were all great. I was thrilled to meet a superstar like Rutger Hauer (Ravn in "The Last Kingdom", ed.). Alexander

       Dreymon (Uhtred of Bebbanburg in "The Last Kingdom", ed.) is so nice to work with because he's so generous in acting. I would like to work once

       again with Jason Flemyng (King Edmund in "The Last Kingdom", ed.). He's just a great actor.

012.From 1993 until 2009 you’ve in sixteen years played in fourteen theatreplays. How do you look back on your acting career in the theatre?

       I also have been in the theatre in 2012 with my monologue Men sum bygde hytter (The Man Who Built Himself Cabins). I really love theater and will

       certainly again be seen with a nice role on stage. That might also be in London to England. I certainly does not close this. But first I'm going to play

       in 2019 various roles in the play Viking Saga in the Västanå Teater in Sweden. With this group I have already played and I really enjoyed that.

013.Before you began acting, you were a professional football player. How do you look back at this?

       I played by the footballclubs Fåberg, Frigg Oslo FK and my own club Solberg. I was Player of the Year in 1988 when I played football by

       Strømsgodset IF. I enjoyed from my football career and I'm glad I did it. However, it was never my dream to become a professional footballer player.

       For example, I never dreamed as a child to play at an English football club like Leeds United AFC.

014.What can we expect from you in the future in showbizzway?

       From October 2016 I could be seen as Lars Ulvenaune in the second season of the English TV series "Fortitude". Besides include Michelle Fairley

       (Catelyn Stark in "Game of Thrones") and Dennis Quaid (from movies as ‘Frequency’ and ‘The Day After Tomorrow’). Currently I am filming an

       independent Norwegian movie called ‘Gjengangere’. In English this means 'Regulars'. Also I'm going to play the role of Manfred in the American film

       ‘Metal Girl’. And from Tuesday, 25 June 2019 I could be seen in various roles in the theatreplay Viking Sagas in the Västanå Teater in Sweden.


Watch for more information about Rune Temte on his sites http://www.runetemte.com/ and http://www.temte.no/rune/en.html.

Watch for more information about the theatreplay Viking Sagas on the site of the Västanå Teater on http://www.vastanateater.se/.

Because the site of the Västanå Teater is only in Swedish, there also can be contacted by the email address of Västanå Teater on info@vastanateater.se.

Rune Temte’s Showreel https://vimeo.com/158032315.


Interview: Perry Krootjes