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Ron Jeremy, who was born on March 12. 1953 in Long Island, New York, USA, had roles from 1981 to 2001 in the movies ‘C.O.D.’, ’52 Pick-Up’, ‘Dead Bang’, ‘Lauderdale’, ‘Caged Fury’, ‘Feast’, ‘The Sound of Silence’, ‘Bikini Beach Race’, ‘Killing Zoe’, ‘The Chase’, ‘Red Line’, ‘Caged Heat 3000’, ‘The Dangerous’, ‘South Beach Academy’, ‘They Bite’, ‘Meet Wally Sparks’, ‘Orgazmo’, ‘54’, ‘American Virgin’, ‘The Boondock Saints’, ‘Detroit Rock City’, ‘Flat Out’, ‘Reindeer Games’, ‘The Fluffer’, ‘Sex and a Girl’, ‘Night at the Golden Eagle’ and ‘Big Time’ and the tv-movies ‘Mr. Stitch’ and ‘George Wallace’. He could be seen in 2002 as Jack in the movie 'Hell's Highway' and had further roles in the movies 'Spun', 'The Rules of Attraction' and 'Hitters'. In 2003 and 2004 Ron had roles in the movies 'Everything's Wonderful', 'Back by Midnight' and 'Lost Reality'. In 2005 he could be admired as Andre the Butcher in the movie 'Dead Meat' and had further roles in the movies 'Window Theory', 'The Nickel Children', 'The LA Riot Spectacular' and 'Lost Reality 2' and the tv-movie 'Alley Dogs'. In 2006 and 2007 Ron could be seen in the movies 'Bigfoot at Holler Creek Canyon', 'Finishing the Game: The Search for a New Bruce Lee' and 'Stoned Age'. Also appeared in 2007 his autobiography book, Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz. He performed in 2008 the roles of The Priest in the movie 'Whore' and Ron in the movie 'One-Eyed Monster' and played in the movie 'The Author'. In 2009 Ron had roles in the movies ‘Finding Bliss’, ‘Crank: High Voltage’, ‘Under the Gaydar’, ‘Little Fish, Strange Pound’, ‘Trade In’ and ‘Natasha Kizmet: The Movie’. He could be seen in 2010 as Paul in the movie 'I Am Virgin' and had further roles in the movies 'Exploited' and 'Fear of Flying'. In 2011 came Ron de Jeremy, an 8-year-old, dark rum from Panama made by the Master Distiller Don Pancho. The rum is named after Ron. He had in 2012 roles in the mvies 'Girl Gone Dead', 'Sorority Party Massacre' and 'Four Corners Road'. In 2014 Ron could be seen as Ronny in the movie 'Jersey Shore Massacre' and had a role in the movie 'Grand Auto Theft: L.A'. He had in 2015 and 2016 roles in the movies ‘Hollywood Road Trip’, ‘Reality Show’, ‘Range 15’ and ‘All Out Dysfunktion!’. In 2017 Ron could be seen as himself in the movie 'After School Special' and had a role in the film 'Abnormal Attraction' from 2018. He had guestappearances in tv-series as “Nash Bridges”, “Las Vegas”, “Star-ving” and “You’ll Be Fine”. Perry of Moov.nl was given the opportunity to talk Ron Jeremy because of an interview for the website.


001.At which music moment do you keep good memories?

       I keep good memories of my visit to the music festival Woodstock from 1969. It was magic. Performed during that edition was, among others, rock

       band Jeffeson Airplane with female singer Grace Slick.

002.What is your favorite CD?

       Then I would go for the CD "The Woodstock Experience" from the group Sly & the Family Stone.

003.Do you ever listen to music just before you need to film?

       Not really. However, this does not mean that I do not like music. I love it. It is also a wonderful way to wake up.

004.How important is music in your private life?

       I would be able to spend a vacation without music. Still, I know that music belongs life.

005.Who is your favorite singer (man or woman) and/or group?

       I don't have a real favorite here. Although I do like to be hang out with the members of the hard rock band Guns N ’Roses and see them perform.

006.With who would you like to sing a duet?

       Then I would go for the female singer Lady Gaga. I want to be like Bradley Cooper (together, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooperplay the lead roles in the

       movie "A Star Is Born" from 2018 and sing the song "Shallow", ed.), haha.

007.What is your favorite sport? And do you also practice a sport yourself?

       I don't really like sports to watch. I have always been a fan myself to practice martial arts, kayaking and hang gliding.

008.If you have to make a choice from all your work activities that you do prefer, what would this be then?

        That is a difficult question. Myself, I like to do everything. I do notice that fans love the movies ‘The Boondock Saints’ and ‘Detroit Rock City’. Both

        are out 1999. And the reality program "The Surreal Life", in which I am was from 2003 through 2004 the first two seasons is very popular.

009.In your movies you have already worked with quite a few well-known actors and actresses. Who has made the most impression on you?

       I can't choose from that. I loved working with everyone. It is interesting to work with someone. For example, I was with James Franco in the movie

       ‘Finishing the Game: The Search for a New Bruce Lee’ from 2007. We had a scene together. I am also proud to be in the movie ‘Ronin’ from 1998

       with Robert de Niro.

010.How do you look back on your autobiography book, Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz from 2007 and your Ron de

       Jeremy, or "the adult rum"?

       On my autobiography book I look back with good memories. I would very much like to write one more. Because in all those years I have experienced

       the necessary things again. Fortunately the rum is doing very well. I love it and drink it myself. The rum is in Europe a big hit.

011.What can we expect from you in showbiz area in the future?

       In March 2019 I will play a role in the TV movie ‘S41NT’. From Tuesday July 30. 2019 I will be seen in America in the movie ‘Japanese Borscht’. I will

       play in 2019 a role in the movie ‘Bikini Valley Car Wash’. I also have a guest role in the first episode of the new TV series "Ruthless". Further, I have

       roles in the movies ‘Cut and Chop’ and ‘Bad Signs’.


Interview: Perry Krootjes