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Roel Reine who has been born on July 15. 1969 in Eindhoven of The Netherlands lives since 2004 in Los Angeles of America. There he worked with almost no free time as an producer and director. So was Roel in 2006 the cinematographer and co-producer of the movie ‘Blackwater Valley Exorcism’. In 2007 he was the writer, producer and director of ‘Drifter’. That same year Roel was the cinematographer and producer of ‘Brutal’. He was in 2008 the cinematographer, co-producer and director of ‘The Lost Tribe’. In that year Roel also made his first big studio-movie with ‘Pistol Whipped’. After that he was the cinematographer, writer, producer and director of ‘Black Ops’. Roel was in 2009 the camera operator and director of his second big studio-movie ‘The Marine 2’. In 2010 he was the cinematographer, camera operator, co-producer and director of ‘The Lost Tribe’. Roel was in that same year also the writer and producer of ‘Bear’ and the cinematographer, camera operator and director for his third big studio-movie ‘Death Race 2’. In 2012 he was the cinematographer and director for the movie ‘The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption’, the producer and writer of the movie ‘Wolf Town’ and the cinematographer and director of the movie ‘Death Race 3: Inferno’. Roel was in 2013 the director of his movie ’12 Round 2: Reloaded’ and the cinematographer and director of his movie ‘Dead in Tombstone’. In 2014 he was the cinematographer, writer and director of his eight big studio-movie, called ‘Seal Team Eight: Behind Enemy Lines’. Perry from Moov.nl had an interview with the very friendly Roel Reine for the internetsite.


001.What’s your favourite CD and why?

       For me is that the CD ‘Yo-Yo Ma plays Ennio Morricone’ from the Italian composer Ennio Morricone. He is mostly

       famous about his moviemusic and with that I think his performances on this CD are very beautiful.

002.What’s your favourite number and when do you mostly put it on?

       That’s the song “Air” from the German composer Johann Sebastian Bach. I like to put this on when I wanna relax.

003.Do you ever listen music before you start filming?

       What I always do, is to make a CD for the cast and crew with music that inspire me for the movie we work on at that

       moment. Sometimes I put the music then on before we start filming a scene.

004.How important is music for you in your private-life?

       In my life music is very important. I have always and everywhere music with me. In the car for example I listen always

       to music. And that is a couple of hours for sure.

005.How important is music for you in your movies?

       Music is very important for a movie. 70% of the fun when you’re watching a movie comes because of the sound and

       music and only 30% from the experience about what you see.

006.Who’s your favourite singer (male and female and group)?

       For me that are the female singers Loreena McKennitt and Alanis Morissette and by the groups are this U2 and Coldplay.

007.What’s your favourite sport, to watch and to do by yourself?

       I don’t like sport and I don’t watch it also. Sometimes I play tennis, but to say I’m good at it…

008.Many time you work with the same people. Is this just accidently or do you this on purpose?

       I don’t do that all the time. By some movies is that not allowed. Then you need to hire local people from that country. Of

       course that’s a shame. I an actor or actress can something specific good, then it’s nice to ask that person when you need

       him or her. Unfortunately that’s not always possible. I asked Lance Henriksen special for a small part in ‘The Lost Tribe’

       and before that I also worked with him at ‘Pistol Whipped’ and ‘Black Ops’. I admire him and he me. It’s fantastic to

       work with Lance.

009.In the past you told ones it doesn’t matter if a movie if small of big in setup, but that you just like to make

       entertainment. Could you explain what a movie need to have so you wanna be the director of it?

       My choices for movies I’ve made on different moments. I have a higher aim which I want to reach in my career, but I’m

       not there yet. To become there I need to make first many movies. Because of that I look what I think is interesting in the

       story or with which persons I like to work with.

010.In 2007 you was the director from the movie ‘Pistol Whipped’, with Steven Seagal. He has not the reputation to be

       someone who is easy to work with. How was it for yourself to work with him?

       I self heard also very much about how it would like to work with Steven and I took it as a challenge. With that you also

       need to try on yourself. When Steven works at a special way, I try myself on at that. But when you’re clear at the

       moment, it’s easy to work with him. Steven is a real actionstar. The star is the movie and as director I’m there to get him

       as good as I can on screen. I think Steven’s first five movies (‘Above the Law’, ‘Hard to Kill’, ‘Marked for Death’, ‘Out

       for Justice’ and ‘Under Siege’) where very good. I don’t think his last couple of movies where that good and I try to get

       ‘Pistol Whipped’ back to his time in the beginning. Also I have a list with names of people with who I like to work in the

       future. For example I would love to direct Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas and Al Pacino.

011.On which movie of your own would you like to make a sequel?

       Until now I would only make a sequel on ‘The Lost Tribe’ from 2008. A funny fact is that here already plans are for.

       Some movies are already stories which has ended in one movie. But I don’t look negative at making sequels at all. The

       movies ‘The Marine 2’, ‘Death Race 2 - 3’, ‘The Scorpion King 3’ and ’12 Rounds 2’ are all sequels. But the original

       was never from me.

012.What could we expect in the future of you in showbizzway?

       From Tuesday April 14. 2015 my new movie ‘The Man with the Iron Fists 2’ could been seen on DVD in America.

       Besides that I have directed the movie, I also was the cinematographer.


Watch for more information about Roel Reine on www.rebelfilm.com.


Interview: Perry Krootjes