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You love his work or hate it. The on July 18. 1938 in Amsterdam born Paul Verhoeven is to say the least one of the most successful directors. In 1985 he was asked for the film ‘Flesh & Blood’ in which he Rutger Hauer and Jennifer Jason Leigh would direct. Paul directed in 1986 include Peter Coyote in an episode of the third season of the tv-series "The Hitchhiker". He made a film about a half machine, half human in the form of 'RoboCop'. The film became an instant blockbuster. After that Paul worked in 1990 with none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger for the film 'Total Recall' and then in 1992 directing Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone for ‘Basic Instinct’. In 1995 he directed Elizabeth Berkley, Gina Gershon and Kyle MacLachlan for ‘Showgirls’. When Paul for this film “won” a Golden Raspberry (a prize for worst film/director of the year, ed.), he was the first person who personally came to collect the prize. He discovered in 1997 Casper van Dien, Dina Meyer and Denise Richards who would play all three a role in his film ‘Starship Troopers’. In 2000, Paul would include Kevin Bacon and Elisabeth Shue directing for "Hollow Man," his most recent American film to date.


Even the films of Paul Verhoeven that the cashier did some less, all got over the years quite a cult status. This way you could not really speak of flats in his career. Paul Verhoeven is an enormously busy man, but fortunately Perry of Moov.nl managed to interview the friendly director for the site.


001.What is your favorite CD?

       I find that very difficult. I actually have several CDs that are among my favorites. ‘The Soldier’s Tale: Dumberton

       Oaks – Octet’ by Igor Stravinsky. ‘Ivan the Terrible’ by Prokofiev, ‘Bryan Ferry - The Ultimate Collection’ by Bryan

       Ferry and of course all the work Rammstein, especially the album 'Mutter '.

002.What is your favorite song?

       As a favorite I would go for "The Rite of Spring" by Igor Stravinsky, but also "Nixon in China" by John Adams.

003.Do you turn sometimes music just before the shooting?

       I listen to a lot of music in the car. Because this relief me always. What I love the most is to put the music of the group

       Rammstein nice and hard. There I go in at all.

004.How important is music in your films for you?

       Very important. Music gives scenes a certain emotion. I have worked a lot with two composers. By ‘Total Recall’, ‘Basic

       Instinct’ and ‘Hollow Man’ was this with Jerry Goldsmith and by ‘Flesh & Blood’, ‘RoboCop’ and ‘Starship Troopers’

       with Basil Poledouris. Unfortunately, both gentlemen are past away.

005.How important is music in your life?

       Also in my life is music very important. If I had to describe it for you with something, I would say music for me is the

       most important art form.

006.Who is your favorite singer (man or woman)/group?

       For me is that Bryan Ferry, Rammstein and Tosca. But I also really like operas such as Giacomo Puccini and Igor

       Stravinsky ("Rake's Progess) and Mozart.

007.With who would you ever want to sing a duet?

       With nobody. Because I can not sing at all.

008.What is your favorite sport? And do you also practice a sport yourself?

       My favorite sport is swimming. Every day for half an hour the crawl (this is breast stroke with double some discretion to

       be performed concurrently, ed.). To keep me fit so that I can continue making new films.

009.You have already worked with a lot of famous people. But who has made the most impression on you?

       I would say that Arnold Schwarzenegger has made the most impression on me. I worked with him on 'Total Recall '.

       And though Arnold was a superstar thanks to ‘The Terminator’, he not behaved like it. On the contrary. He was

       incredibly nice and also very helpful with everything. Both his fellow players as the director, he helps where he can.

       Arnold also makes sure he and the director of his film are thinking the same about things. This way the leading man and

       the director thing the same about how the film must be what again prevents conflicts. Tough to work with was Sharon

       Stone, with I worked on 'Total Recall' and 'Basic Instinct'. In ‘Basic Instinct’ was the famous scene in which Sharon

       appears to wear no panties. It was my idea and Sharon agreed. When the film once was ready, she suddenly threatened

       with a lawyer and said we had agreed otherwise. That is absolute nonsense, because we did have and you see almost

       nothing. But Sharon's acting was fantastic of course, even though I had often much takes needed for a scene. But I would

       find it nice to work again with Michael Douglas, the leading man of my film 'Basic Instinct'. I was very pleased with our

       cooperation. It would be of course fantastic if Catherine Zeta-Jones (Michael's wife, ed.) also participated it then.

010.'Basic Instinct' and 'Hollow Man' both have a sequel. Of ‘Starship Troopers’ are two sequels made and of

       'RoboCop' even three. None of the sequels you have directed. How come?

       I do not like sequels. However, I am always asked for it. But it is true that storylines always very much look on the

       original and I find that boring. There must be some slight news and that almost never happens. Of sequels films it’s also

       intended that they surpass the original or match, but never succeeds practical. But I do try to see as many sequels of my

       own movies so I can have an opinion about it. I have seen 'Basic Instinct 2’, which I found really boring and predictable.

011.Which movie of your career are you most proud of?

       Then I go for the movie 'RoboCop'. ‘RoboCop’ was really a film that was made with a lot of stress. I think you can say

       that my best films had the most problems while making. The more difficult the making of the film is, the better it is


012.You have the reputation to be quite difficult to work with on set. I assume you has heard it yourself. How do you

       think it is so talked about you?

       Well, I can tell you that you do not have to believe. People who say that about me don’t tell the truth. What we already

       talked about earlier is that I often work with the same people. Both before and behind the scenes. You do not think they

       are eager to work with me again if I really would be such a tyrant as claimed ?! So I heard the rumors that’s doing the

       round about me. But I absolutely do not lie awake of it. They’re not correct.

013.A well-written script or a good click with your leading man or leading woman. What is more important for you to

       success a movie?

       A well-written script is the most important. Sometimes there are things that seem to be good in the script, not good about

       if it is played wrong by the actors and actresses. But if you have a poorly written script, you can still have such talented

       actors and actresses that point you're already assured of a flop. Therefore, is in the first place a good script required.

014.Have you never felt the need to surprise both yourself and the audience and even direct a different genre, a

       romantic comedy for example?

       Yes, very much. But I am now once known as a kind of ‘action director’ so I never get comedy, whether or not romantic


015.What can we in showbiz field in the future expect from you?

       Currently I am busy shooting the movie 'Elle', which has to come out yet. This is the first movie which I’m directing

       since 'Hollow Man' from 2000.


Interview: Perry Krootjes