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Michiel Huisman, born on 18 July 1981 in Amstelveen in North Holland of The Netherlands, was seen in 2009 in the movie 'Unmade Beds' and had further roles in the film 'The Young Victoria' and the TV movie 'Margot' . From 2010 he played for four seasons the role of Sonny in the TV series "Treme". In 2013 Michiel had roles in the TV movie 'The Sixth Gun' and the film 'World War Z'. He played in 2014 the role of Jonathan in the film 'Wild' and also that year he became the face of Chanel Nr. 5. In 2015 Michiel was seen as Ellis Jones in the movie 'The Age of Adaline' and as Daario Naharis in the TV series "Game of Thrones". Last mentioned first in a guest role and since the fifth season as a permanent cast member. Michiel could be seen in the short film 'The Woman in the Dress'. He had guest roles in TV series as "Dalziel and Pascoe", “Nashville” and "Orphan Black". Perry from Moov.nl was given the opportunity to interview the busy, but very friendly Michiel Huisman, during a lightning visit to the Netherlands for the internet site.


001.What is your favorite CD and why?

       My favorite CD is probably 'Grace' by Jeff Buckley. That record goes on marrow and bone with me.

002.What is your favorite song?

       That is very different from me. It depends on the moment and in what kind of mood I am.

003.Do you ever play music just before filming?

       I always have music in the car. Turning music to evoke emotions for one scene I have to play, I have never done, but it seems interesting to me.

       Which I absolutely sit, maybe I will use it.

004.How important is music in your life?

       Music is very important to me. Yet I would, for example, be able without a vacation being, but preferably not natural. I have done this before. When I

       come home again, the first thing I do is put music on.

005.Who is your favorite singer (male and/or woman) or group?

       Oh, there are so many. To name a few names: Jeff Buckley, The Meters and The Stooges, Damien Rice, Joni Mitchell, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles,

       Miles Davis, Keith Jarret and much more!

006.With who would you like to sing a duet?

       Then I would go for David Bowie and Jimi Hendrix.

007.What is your favorite sport to watch? And do you also practice a sport yourself?

        I regularly exercise to stay fit. But playing football or foot volley I like even better.

008.You are acting in TV series ("Game of Thrones"), movies ("The Age of Adaline"), was singer & guitarist in a band (Fontane) and solo singer.

       But wat do you prefer?

       I prefer to combine it naturally. But if I really should have a choice then I would, I think, choose music. Solo or with a band. No idea. When I when solo

       I was in need of something more 'space'. You are within a band sometimes delineated, clear, perhaps even limited. I wanted to step out of that.

009.Paul Verhoeven directed you in 2006 for his film 'Blackbook'. He has the reputation to be quite difficult to work with. Did you heard these

       rumors too?

       I had heard that too, yes. And I wanted to experience it myself if it would be really difficult to work with him. The opposite, however, proved true. It was

       just one very nice man with a passion for making films. If he would me for one of his new films in the future, I would certainly do this too.

010.For your work you only film abroad. If I hear so, you have a dream job. If you are in this kind of circumstances, can you still see it as work

        or do you see it more as a paid holiday?

        Haha, no, that is, of course, also working. Only the working conditions are sometimes very pleasant. An advantage of running abroad is that for a

        short period are you dependent on each other. Sometimes that works well. You therefore grow very close to each other. But sometimes that is also

        just maddening. Then you think, please let me sleep in my own bed tonight!

011.What can we expect from you in the future in showbizz?

        In the movie 'The Invitation' I play the role of David which during the Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam on Sunday 17 April 2016 goes in première.

        From Sunday 24 April 2016 I can be seen as Daario Naharis again in the sixth season of the TV series "Game of Thrones". I'm going to play the role

        of Walter Davidson in the mini-series 'Harley & The Davidsons' which starts on Monday 5 September 2016 in America. I will also be interpreting the

        role of Dylan in the film '2: 22', Ismail in 'The Ottoman Lieutenant' and Nicky Novenchenko in 'American Dream'.


For more information about Michiel Huisman visit www.michielhuisman.nl.


Photographer: Bjorn looss

Stylist: Gaelle Paul


Interview: Perry Krootjes