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José Hoebee was born on March 29th, 1954 in Best, North Brabant (Netherlands). In 1976, she started her career as a Luv' singer with Patty Brard and Marga Scheide. In 1978 Luv' performed the theme song from the VPRO TV series "It’s again so late!". They scored two number-one hits "You're the Greatest Lover" and "Trojan Horse". In 1979, they received the Conamus Export Award for being Holland's most successful group abroad. Their music was also appealing to countries like Germany, France and Zwitzerland.


From 1980 to 1981, the group featured Ria Thielsch (who replaced Patty) in addition to José and Marga. During the Hitkrant Summer Games (a multi-sport event), José, Marga and Ria competed. The ladies gave a farewell performance on the TV program "Holland Musiccountry". In 1982, José had two solo hits: "I Will Follow Him" and "Secret Love". In 1984, she formed a duo with Bonnie St. Claire to sing Dutch cover versions of ABBA songs. The same year Bonnie played the role of Sleeping Beauty and José was Snow White in the children's musical ABBAcadabra. The ladies went their own way in 1987. In 1988, the original Luv' trio reunited on a TV charity show hosted by Mies Bouwman.


In 1993 the original Luv' trio and their producer Hans van Hemert gave a TV interview on VARA's program "The Temptation". Patty, José and Marga performed on the TV show "State Lottery Show” and gave a memorable performance at De It disco in Amsterdam. They visited several European countries for a promo tour. In 1995, Bonnie & José reunited and released a duet "A Angel like you". Luv' were active until 1996. Then José retired from show business.


In 2003 she started a comeback. Luv' gave a special show at the 40th business anniversary of Hans van Hemert in 2005. In May 2006 Luv' was one of the "super surprise acts" at three concerts of The Toppers at the Amsterdam ArenA. A reality TV show (“Back In Luv”) about their comeback was broadcast on RTL 5. Luv' were still popular and they performed regularly in the country. In 2009, José recorded a duet with Anny Schilder: "Be My Baby". Patty, José and Marga decided to disband Luv'. Their last peformance took place at Dance Valley in 2012. From 2005 to 2012, José lived in Lommel in Belgium. In 2013, she took part in the fifth season of "Stars Dancing on the Ice" (SBS 6 celebrity figure skating show). She finished twelfth. Perry of Moov.nl talked to the friendly and smiling José Hoebee in a restaurant in Hilversum for an interview for the internet site.


001.Do you play music before live performances?

       No, I never do it. I make sure that I arrive in advance. And I think it's pleasant to feel the atmosphere of the venue. That's

       how I prepare myself before a performance.

002.How important is music in your private life?

       Music is very important to me. I like to search for nice songs on YouTube and I share them on my Facebook page.

       Sometimes it provokes funny reactions. Once a fan shared a video on my Facebook page. It was the song "The last

       waltz" by Rob Janszen from 1995. I heard a female voice on this recording. It was me. At the time I recorded it for Rob's

       CD "Who Are You?". Of course, I knew that I sang on that track. But after 1995 I forgot this song. Until I found it again

       on Facebook 20 years later. It was special to me.

003.What is your favourite sport? Do you still practise sport?

       I have nothing to do with sport. In the past, I used to ski. My son Tim (who's 30) is not sporty as well.

004.You were a Luv' singer for 36 years. How important was Luv' in your career?

       There were years when we were not active. 36 years That's right. To me Luv' is very important. Without Luv' I would not

       have a career in the music industry. I'm very proud of what we reached with Luv'. Like the first gold records. I will never

       forget the huge success we had in Germany. Each of us had an own suite in luxury hotels there. We didn't like it.

       Actually we used one room for the three of us. But it had to be a secret, due to the fact that the record company paid the

       suites. We also had a private jet with Luv's name on it even if it was rented. The difference between the José from 1976

       and 2012 is that the José from 1976 was young and spontaneous and the José from 2012 has more experience in show

       business and unfortunetaly has been through so many things in private.

005.If you had to name a Luv' track, a duet by Bonnie & José and a solo song you are the most proud of or that bring

       back lots of memories, which ones would you choose?

       It's a tough question. All my songs are important to me. Of course there are songs that I prefer. For example, "Mother of

       the Hearts" by Luv' from 1980. It was a very emotional track that I sang on my own. As for Bonnie & José, I woud

       choose "Then it is so" from 1985. As for my solo career, I would select "I Love You" from 1984. It was a medley of

       two songs.

006.In 1984 you played the role of Snow White in the children's musical ABBAcadabra. What can you tell about it?

       I have nothing to do with musicals. I rarely see them. But ABBAcadabra was not really a musical. It was a one-off

       project and it was intended to be a TV special featuring artists from the roster of my husband Will (who died in 2012)

       who was a record producer. During his career he won several gold records. He worked with national acts like Saskia &

       Serge, André van Duin, Benny Neyman, Rob de Nijs and Anny Schilder and international singers like Vicky Leandros

       and Nana Mouskouri. But his biggest success abroad was Gheorghe Zamfir, pan flute player. If I was asked to play a role

       in a musical, I would have to think about it. I would not refuse it immediately but I would not accept it directly as well.

007.In 1996 you stopped your career and in 2003 you started a comeback. What was the reason of this retirement

       from showbiz?

       Tim was born in 1985 and it was hard to combine my career and motherhood. That's why I chose the second option. I'm

       not the kind of person who hires nannies and I wanted to raise Tim. There was a time when I worked in a clothing shop

       on weekends. Then his father looked after him. I didn't miss singing at that time. I think it's not good if you're not 100%

       focused when you do something. In 2003 when Tim was 18, I decided to sing again.

008.In 2013 you took part in the fifth season of the celebrity figure skating program "Stars Dancing on the Ice". You 

       finished twelfth. How do you look back on this experience?

       The producers of the TV program called me and asked if I wanted to be part of it. They told me it would be nice and that

       I would be coached. One year before this competition, my husband Will died and this participation in the program was a

       distraction to me. As a kid I ice-skated well. I thought that it was as easy as cycling and that I could not forget it. But I

       was wrong. I was not able to do it anymore. Then everything went fast and I had a short time to train. It was the negative

       aspect of it. However it was nice to participate. My partner Simon Crowhurst was such a sweetheart. I felt 100% secure

       with him.

009.What can we expect from you in the future?

       As a solo singer I perform regularly. It would be nice to do something for the 40th anniversary of Luv' in 2016. But to

       honest I don't think that much will happen.


Interview: Perry Krootjes