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Jeroen Krabbe who has been born on December 5. 1944 in Amsterdam of The Netherlands played in 1972 in the movie ‘The Little Ark’. He had in 1982 a part in ‘World War 2’. In 1985 he’ve played the part of Mr. Sandor in ‘Turtle Diary’. Jeroen had in 1986 roles in ‘Jumpin’ Jack Flash’ and ‘No Mercy’, in the last one he played the part of Losado. He had in 1987 a role in the movie ‘Code Name: Dancer’, a guestappearance in the third season of the tv-series “Miami Vice” and he played the role of General Georgi Koskov in the James Bond-movie ‘The Living Daylights’. After this Jeroen had roles in the movies ‘A World Apart’ and ‘Crossing Delancey’ from 1988 and ‘Scandal’, ‘Melancholia’ and ‘After the War’ from 1989. He also had in 1989 the role of Gianni Franco in the movie ‘The Punisher’. Jeroen played in 1990 roles in movies as ‘Murder East – Murder West’, ‘Till There as You’, ‘Family of Spies’ and ‘Secret Weapon’. He could been seen in 1991 as Baron Roger Daguerre in ‘Robin Hood’, as Jeremy Van Dorn in ‘Dynasty: The Reunion’, as Bizzlebek in ‘Kafka’ and as Herbert Woodruff in ‘The Prince of Tides’. In 1992 Jeroen had a role in the movie ‘Stalin’. In 1993 he had a guestappearance in the second season of the tv-series “The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles”, the role of Dr. Charles Nichols in ‘The Fugitive’ and he could been seen in the movie ‘King of the Hill’. Jeroen played in 1994 a part in the movie ‘Farinelli’ and he had the part of Anton Felix Schindler in ‘Immortal Beloved’. After this he had roles in the movies ‘The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca’ from 1996, ‘The Odyssey’ and ‘Business for Pleasure’ from 1997. Jeroen had in 1998 the role of Mr. Kalman in the movie ‘Left Luggage’ which also was his debut as an director. He also had roles in the movies ‘Dangerous Beauty’, ‘Only Love’ and ‘Ever After’ from 1998, ‘An Ideal Husband’ and ‘Jesus’ from 1999 and ‘The Sky Is Falling’ from 2000. In 2001 Jeroen played te part of Gabriel in the movie ‘The Discovery of Heaven’, the second movie where he also was the director for. He had in 2002 a part in the movie ‘Fogbound’ and could been seen in 2004 as Van der Woude in ‘Ocean’s Twelve’. In 2005 was Jeroen in the part of Gaspar Voorbosch in the movie ‘Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo’ and he also played a part in the movie ‘Snuff-Movie’. Jeroen had in 2006 a role in the movie ‘Dalziel and Pascoe: Wrong Place, Wrong Time’. In 2008 he had a guestappearance in season eleven of the tv-series “Midsomer Murders” and he could been seen as Leonid Vasilev in ‘Transporter 3’. Jeroen had in 2009 the role of minister in the movie ‘Yankee Go Home’ and of Albert Schweitzer in ‘Albert Schweitzer’. In 2013 he played the part of Gouverneur De Veer in the movie ‘Tula: The Revolt’. Besides that Jeroen has much success as an actor, director and producer, he also had success as a painter. Jeroen Krabbé is someone who doesn’t give much interviews and he’s a very busy man, but Perry of Moov.nl got the opportunity to interview him for the site.


001.What’s your favourite CD?

       I not really have a favourite CD, but I like to listen to the music of Barbra Streisand.

002.What’s your favourite number?

       Also in this I don’t have a real favourit. Well I like very much moviemusic like ‘The Mission’, ‘The English Patient’

       and ‘Brokeback Mountain’.

003.Do you ever listen to music before you gonna film?

       If I’m filming for a movie I listen much at my I-pod to music who call up ‘the voting’ which has to do with the movie.

       Or with the subject such as which I did ‘Immortal Beloved’ (the movie about Beethoven), then I listen much to music of


004.How important is music for you?

       Mostly as background by my working playes music a important role, if this is filming or painting. About he choices of

       music I really like much, one time pop , then modern and another time classic.

005.Who’s your favourite singer (man or female) and/or group?

       As uncrown kings The Beatles are for me at number one. And also Rod Stewart has a warm place by me.

006.With who do you like to sing a duet someday?

       Oh with nobody! I couldn’t sing at all myself.

007.What’s your favourite sport to watch? And which sport are you doing yourself?

       I love skiing and tennis. Both sports I also do myself with much fun.

008.You’re an actor in tv-series (a guestappearances in “Miami Vice”), movies (‘The Living Daylights’), are producer

       (‘Fogbound’), director (‘The Discovery of Heaven’) and painter. But, what do you like to do the most?

       I will and hoof not make this choose, thank God! Things which I think are interesting I will do, it doesn’t matter if that is

       directing or acting for example. My chooses are more on initiative.

009.Meanwile you’re worked with a lot of famous stars. Who has made the most impression on you?

       In ‘The Fugitive’ I’ve worked with Harrison Ford as well with Tommy Lee Jones. Harrison Ford is the most friendly one

       where I’ve worked with and with Tommy Lee Jones I would never work again. I think of him as an outside ordinary

       unpleasant person. And I’ve already worked with them, but I would love to work with Barbra Streisand and Isabella

       Rossellini again. With Barbra Streisand I’ve worked at ‘The Prince of Tides’. I see her as the most interesting person

       which I’ve ever worked with. And Isabella Rossellini is a very sweet person. So sweet that I already worked with her at

       ‘Immortal Beloved’, ‘The Odyssey’, ‘Left Luggage’ and ‘The Sky Is Falling’.

010.Since 1986 you know Edwin de Vries. You two worked together at ‘Left Luggage’ and ‘The Discovery of Heaven’.

       How was it working with Edwin?

       Working with Edwin was always very good. I say was, because we’re now both do other things. It’s namely also good to

       work independent of each other.

011.On which project are you most pride and/or do you have the best memories?

       I’m very pride on ‘Left Luggage’ and ‘The Discovery of Heaven’, so the movies where i was the director for. And from

       my acting works the movies ‘The Fugitive’ and ‘Farinelli’ are both at number one!

012.Besides actor, you’re also a painter with success. Could you tell something more about this?

       I paint rather in my house in France. The France landscape I really love and I always delight me to go to France for my

       paintingvacation. So, I like to paint the most the France landscape. In my paintings are no definite messages.

013.What could we expect at showbizz in the future from you?

       From Thursday December 1. 2016 I’ve could been seen in England as Pierre in the movie ‘Gangster Kittens’.


Interview: Perry Krootjes