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Jennifer Blanc, born in New York City, New York, on April 21, 1971, made her debut in 1984 with a role in the movie’ Old Enough’. In 1985 she played on Broadway in the play Brighton Beach Memoirs.


Jennifer could be seen as Andy in 1991 in the tv-movie ‘Pink Lightning’. In 1992 she could be admired as Justine in the play David’s Mother. Jennifer was admired in 1993 as Tiffany in the first season of the tv-series "The Mommies". In 1994, she appeared in a TV commercial for Budweiser Bier and played the role of Joannie in the tv-movie ‘Cool and the Crazy’. Jennifer had in 1995 roles in the movie ‘The Brady Bunch Movie’ and the tv-movie ‘Awake to Danger’. In 1997 she played the roles of Zanne Armstrong/Suzanne Boxer in the tv-movie ‘Friends ‘Til the End’ and Linnette in the movie ‘The Ride’. Jennifer appeared in the same year in the movies ‘Saving Grace’ and ‘Dead Men Can’t Dance’. On the set of the last-mentioned movie she got to know Michael Biehn, with whom she has since worked on fifteen films.


In 2000 Jennifer could be seen as Kendra Maibaum in the first season of the tv-series "Dark Angel" for which the tv-series won a People's Choice Award. In the same year she could be admired in the tv-movies ‘The Expendables’ and ‘Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye’. Jennifer could be seen in 2003 as Vicki in the movie ‘Fish Without Bicycle’. Between 2005 and 2008 she had roles in the movies ‘The Third Wish’, ‘West of Brooklyn’, ‘Quality Time’ and ‘Prank’. Jennifer played in 2009 the role of Beth in the movie ‘The Things We Carry’. Since the same year she has had a relationship with Michael Biehn. In 2010 Jennifer could be seen as Candi Devereaux in the movie ‘The Jack of Spades’. She appeared in 2011 as Kathy Johnson in the movie ‘The Absent’, as Jesse in the movie ‘The Blood Bond’ and as Annie in the movie ‘The Victim’. Since 2011, Jennifer and Michael Biehn have been joint partners of Blanc/Biehn Productions. The movie ‘The Victim’ was the first movie of this production company. Together with Michael, she won the Vienna Film Ball Awarad for the movie ‘The Victim’. Since then they have made twelve movies with Blanc/Biehn Productions. Jennifer also had roles in the movies ‘The Divide’, ‘Puncture’, ‘Yellow Rock’ and ‘Jacob’ (also as associate producer). Between 2012 and 2016 she appeared as Melanie in 'Among Friends' (also as producer), as Becki in 'Treachery' (also as producer), as Gail in 'Malignant', as Brandy in 'The Night Visitor 1 - 2' (for part 1 she was also the executive producer and director and for part 2 also the co-executive producer and writer), as Dr. Thompson in 'Mindless' (also as executive producer), as Dena in 'Everly', as Paula St. Clair in 'Havenhurst', as Jen in 'Deadly Signal' (also as executive producer and producer), as Cat in 'She Rises' (also as executive producer) and as Jen in 'Deadly Retreat'. For her role in the movie ‘She Rises’, Jennifer was nominated during the Macabre Faire Film Festival in the category Best Supporting Actress. She also had roles in the movies ‘Bad Ass’, ‘Dark Canyon’, ‘Wrong Cops’, ‘Broken Blood’, ‘Cowboys and Indians’, ‘The Legend of DarkHorse County’ and ‘Hidden in the Woods’. At the last called movie she was also involved as an executive producer. She could also be admired in the tv-movies ‘Nuclear Family’ and ‘The Wrong Woman’. In 2016, Jennifer was the executive producer and director of the movie ‘The Girl’. In 2017 she could be admired as Lorie in the movie ‘Altered Perception’ (also as executive producer and writer) and Jayne in ‘Fetish Factory’ (also as executive producer). Jennifer married Michael Biehn on Thursday 7 June. 2018 and since then she is officially called Jennifer Blanc-Biehn. She has had a clothing store under the name Blanc’s Clothing Store in Hollywood. Jennifer also worked on the short movies ‘Deer Creek Road’, ‘From Darkness’, ‘Connection’, ‘Sticks and Stones’ and ‘I Love Your Coplay’. She had guest roles in tv-series such as "Beverly Hills 90210", "Married with Children", "Nurses", "Lifestories: Families in Crises", "Saved by the Bell", "Sweet Justice", "Party of Five", "The Client", "Grace Under Fire", "Early Edition", "Providence", "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation", "Veronica Mars", "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", "Southland", "Zombie Family" and "To the Bridge". Perry from Moov.nl talked to Jennifer Blanc-Biehn because of an interview for the website.


001.You act in tv-series ("Dark Angel" from 2000), movies (‘Everly’ from 2014), do theatre (the Brighton Beach Memoirs play from 1987),

       commercials (Budweiser Beer from 1994), are producer (‘The Victim’ from 2011), director (‘The Night Visitor’ from 2013) and are a writer

       (‘The Night Visitor 2: Heather’s Story’ from 2016). When you get out all your work has to make a choice that you prefer, what would this be


       I would like to play again in a tv-series. I thought it was great to be in 1994 in the first season to participate in the tv-series "Party of Five". As Kate

       Bishop I could be seen in eight episodes. That was a great experience. And of course I would take every opportunity to work with James Cameron

       and Charles H. Eglee. They were both responsible for the tv-series "Dark Angel". This series is the most recent tv-series in which I had a role.

002.You sometimes hear that every character contains things of an actor or actress themselves. How was this when you played in the tv-series

       "Party of Five"?

       In some cases that is correct. However, that does not always work. You try in every role to put something of yourself. Even though you create a

       character that you find in everyday life might not be yourself. There is a piece of yourself in the character because you are the one who plays it. I

       myself tend to play a lot of characters of that kind wild types. I tend to be a bit like that myself. Obviously not so bad as in the characters that I play. In

       the tv-series "Party of Five" I have something quite played differently. My character of Kate Bishop was a very sweet, solemn young woman with

       whom you never saw a wild side.

003.At what point in your career are you most proud and / or do you keep the best memories?

       At the beginning of my career in 1990 I played a guest role in the first season as Janet in the tv-series "Beverly Hills 90210". My scenes here were

       with Shannen Doherty. Years later we played in 1997 the lead roles together in the tv-movie ‘Friends" Til the End ‘. Then our friendship came about of

       which I am very proud. I am also very proud of the work that Michael and I did for the movie ‘The Victim’ from 2011. At last, I was excited to play in in

       2017 the movie ‘Altered Perception’. The co-producer of this movie was namely Jon Huertas. Except that he is one of the leading castmembers of the

       tv-series "Castle", he is also the godfather of Dashiell. The son of Michael and me.

004.How do you look back on the tv-series "Dark Angel" and the People's Choice Award that you win with this?

       The tv-series "Dark Angel" from 2000 was a highlight in my career. Just like everyone I had of course heard about James Cameron. I got to know him

       a little better by the stories about all the work that my husband Michael has done with him. To work with James is just a very big honor. Then with the

       rest of the cast of "Dark Angel” to be on stage to receive the People’s Choice Award taking was great.

005.Can you tell something more about the production company Blanc-Biehn Productions from you and Michael?

       Michael spoke to director Robert Rodriguez when he was working in 2007 on the movie 'Grindhouse: Planet Terror’. He said it was such an

       inspiration for him to make a movie. After that Michael played in 2011 in the movie ‘The Divide’ and director Xavier Gens had become such an

       inspiration for him. We then had made in 2011 the movie ‘The Victim’. This was the first movie from our production company Blanc-Biehn

       Productions. Michael has directed this movie. The movie ‘The Victim’ was one small-scale movie that was quite successful. With that we have always

       made small-scale movies. Because of this we also often had the chance to directing movies. But we want to become a lot bigger in terms of

       company. I think we will then produce more. So the intention is that we continue at a much larger scale with the company. Also, it will become much

       more socially aware movies instead of genre movies.

006.What can we expect from you in terms of showbiz in the future?

       The most recent movie we need to finish with our production company Blanc-Biehn Productions is "Killer Weekend". This movie is directed by

       Jamielyn Lippman, produced by Kurk Kasparian and the cinematography has been done by Vance Crofoot. With all three Michael and I have had a

       very long friendship.


For more information about Blanc Biehn Productions, visit http://blancbiehn.com/.

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