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The on 12 August 1943 in Spa in Belgium born Jean-Pierre Talbot could in 1961 be seen as Tintin in the film ‘Tintin and the Golden Treasure’. He played the same role in 1964 in the film ‘Tintin and the Blue Oranges’. In 2002, Jean-Pierre Talbot had a guest role in the TV series "Camera Cafe". He wasseen in 2011 as an astronaut in the music video "Caroline Baldwin" from the group Feel the Noizz. Perry from Moov.nl was given the opportunity to interview Jean-Pierre Talbot for the website.


001.What is your favorite CD and why?

       My favorite album is 'The Wall' by Pink Floyd. This album is truly timeless.

002.What is your favorite song?

       For me is this the song "La fille du père Noël" (meaning "Santa's daughter", ed.) of the French singer Jacques Dutronc.

003.Did you turned during the filming of the Tintin - movies ever music just before the shooting?

       No, I never did. Well I found it pleasant to often sing and whistle.

004.How important is music in your life?

       I'm not 'addicted' on music to say it just like that. It's not like I need to listen to music to be happy.

005.Who is your favorite singer (man or woman) or group?

       That is very variable and depends on the period where I am currently in. So, I love to listen to the singers Stromae (stage

       name of Paul Van Haver, ed.) and Bob Dylan. My favorite female singer is Christine Ohlman and my favorite groups

       are Alice on the Roof and The Rolling Stones.

006.With who would you ever want to sing a duet?

       In that case, I'll go for Salvatore Adamo. He is very friendly. In 1964 his song "Tombe la neige" (which means "Let it

       snow", ed.) came out, just as my second Tintin- film ‘Tintin and the Blue Oranges' appeared in cinemas.

007.What is your favorite sport?

       I prefer participant sport, than that I watch it. In the past, for example, I practiced many different sports. So I did

       athletics for fifteen years and twenty years of judo. Every winter I ski four to six weeks. I practice canicross. This is

       running in the nature with a leashed dog who may draw to your heart so that owner and pet together as quickly as

       possible take a course on unpaved paths. Here I am quite bad in, but it excites me. Also, I do every week at least three

       hours of tennis.

008.Self are you from 1943, while the first Tintin-album is from 1930. What did you had yourself with the Tintin-

       albums before you were approached for the role?

       In my childhood, all children received before the feast of St. Nicholas a Tintin-album. This festival is every year on

       December 6. I discovered if it were the world through the Tintin-albums. When I went to play Tintin once I have never

       tried to interpret him. In fact, I had by chance the same character as Tintin.

009.You also have met Herge (the pen name of Georges Remi, ed.). The cartoonist who created Tintin. How did you

       experience this?

       When he saw me for the first time he said "Yeah, that's him”. That allows me huge confidence, because I had the aim not

       to disappoint the audience. Hergé said that he appreciates me very much. Finally, the film became an overwhelming


010.In 1961 you started to play the role of Tintin in the film ‘Tintin and the Golden Treasure’. How do you look back

       at this?

       Out of thousands of candidates I was elected because of my resemblance to Tintin, my sportsmanship and how I came

       about for the camera. I had never thought about a career in the film industry, because I'm not an actor. Before I was

       elected as Tintin I had already decided what profession I wanted to pursue. I wanted to teach. About fifteen years of my

       career I was a teacher and schooldirector. But despite that the second and final Tintin movie is already out in 1964, I am

       today are often invited to get anywhere signings. For instance, I signed in 2015 in both Caen and Reims in France, but

       also in Stockholm in Sweden, Montreux in Switzerland and Quebec in Canada.

011.What do you do today?

       Every morning from 07:00 to 11:00 I answered National and European emails from Canicross or fan mail about my role

       as Tintin. Because after all these years I still get fan mail. I train canicross with my dogs. I also organize national and

       international competitions of this. Further, I am often on the ski. In other words, I am still very busy.

012.How do you look to a comeback in showbiz as an actor?

       I never tried to do something in showbiz again. But I asked at the request of a friend of cartoon designer Andre Taymans

       in 2011 to play an astronaut in the music video "Caroline Baldwin" from the group Feel the Noizz. I ended enjoyed my

       contribution to this.


Look for the video "Caroline Baldwin" from the group Feel the Noizz on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f8WeRJZxfeE.


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