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Eliza Rayfiel who was born in New York City in the USA on 23 January 1953, made her acting debut in 1973 with a role in the movie 'Schlock'. In 1977 she could be seen as Beth Loomis in the TV movie 'Terraces'. Eliza played in 1978 in the movie 'Animal House' and was self casting director of nine episodes of the TV series "Baby ... I'm Back!". In 1982 she played a role in the TV movie 'Bare Essence' and in 1985 in the TV movie 'Obsessed with a Married Woman'. Eliza was in 1986 casting director of 23 episodes of the TV series "You Again?" and of 39 episodes of the TV series "Throb". In 1988 she was the casting director of the TV films 'Who Gets the Friends?' and 'Circus'. Eliza was in 1989 the casting director of the movie 'The Siege of Firebase Gloria' and casting consultant of the film 'A Case of Honor'. In 1990 she was involved as a casting director in 15 episodes of the TV series "Midnight Caller". Eliza worked in 1991 as casting director for the film '9 ½ Ninjas!', took care of the casting for the movie 'To Cross the Rubicon' and played a part in the film 'Crack Me Up'.


On 16 August 1992 she married Eric Roberts. Since then she has gone through life as Eliza Roberts. She was in 1992 the casting director of eight episodes of the TV series "I'll Fly Away", was casting director of the movie "Breaking the Rules" and she could be admired in the TV film 'Diagnosis Murder: Diagnosis or Murder '. In 1994 Eliza cast for the film 'Car 54, Where Are You?', in which she ad a part herself. In the same year she also appeared in the film 'Babyfever' and as Isabel in the movie 'Love Is a Gun'. In 1995 Eliza played the role of Patsy in the movie 'The Nature of the Beast' and had further roles in the film 'Kicking and Screaming' and the TV movie 'Saved by the Light'. She had in 1996 roles in the TV movie 'Doctor Who' and the film 'Past Perfect' and was involved in the TV movie 'Dark Angel' as a production consultant. In 1998 Eliza could be seen as Maggie Furness in the movie 'Dead End'. In 2000 she was a consultant for the TV series "Falcone", was a casting director for the film ‘Luck of the Draw’, where she also plays a role in it, and performs the role of Chief of Staff Donaldson in the film ‘The Alternate’. Eliza played between 2001 and 2008in the TV movie 'Rough Air: Danger on Flight 534' and the films 'Killer Weekend', 'Junior Pilot' and 'Light Years Away'. In 2010 she played the role of First Lady in the film 'First Dog' and Erika in the film 'Queen of the Lot'. Eliza was in 2011 the casting director of the film 'The Wayshower', which she also played a part in. In 2012 she appeared as Lisa Cavanaugh in the film 'The Night Never Sleeps', produced the film 'Letting Go' in which she also played the role of Caroline and she could be admired in the film 'Just 45 Minutes from Broadway’. In 2014 Eliza performed the roles of Laurie Sagat in the film 'It's Not a Date' and Marlee in the film 'Maidens of the Sea'. Between 2013 and 2016 she appeared in the films 'Betrayel', 'Revelation Road 1 - 2', 'The Book of Esther', 'A New York Hartbeat', 'A Cry from Within', 'The M Word', 'Story of Eve', 'Joker's Wild', 'Paradise Club' and '3 Bullets' and the documentary 'There IS Many Like Us'. In 2018 Eliza played the role of Miranda in the movie 'Days of Power' and she was executive producer for the movie 'Beverly Hills Bandits'. Eliza was featured in the short films 'End of the Icon', 'The Double', 'Traveling Through Life' and 'Scenes from Powned'. She had guest roles in TV series like "All-in-the-Family", "Baby ... I'm Back!", "Gimme a Break!", "St. Elsewhere", "CBS Schoolbreak Special", "Divorce Court", "Knots Landing", "Midnight Caller", "Dream On", "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" and "Minutes After Midnight”. Perry of Moov.nl went into a conversation with Eliza Roberts because of an interview for the internet site.


001.What is your favorite CD and why?

       My favorite CD is "Exes & Whys" by my son Keaton Simons,which he made in 2004. But also love his other CDs. I love his rough voice, his lyrics and

       the diversity of his music.

002.What is your favorite song and when do you usually listen to it?

       The song "Yet" from the CD '123 Go' sung by Keaton which came out in 2018 is mine favorite. I listen to it when I have to do an activity. When I then

        hard working, that number can provide me with the necessary pleasure.

003.How important is music in your life?

       Music is very important in every way. Whether you drive a car, are dancing or have a romantic evening with your partner. I think I could be a holiday

       without music. But why should I? What is the fun of it?

004.Who is your favorite singer (man or woman) and/or group?

       My favorite singer is again Keaton. Both solo, acoustic and in a band.

005.With who would you like to sing a duet?

       I would love to sing a duet with Keaton. But it also seems me super with Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney and James Taylor.

006.What is your favorite sport to watch? And do you also practice a sport yourself?

       I like to watch at figure skating. If it is not about competitions. Just look relaxed. I like to dance and swim myself.

007.You sometimes hear that every actor and/or actress put something of there own in the character they play. Can you mention both an

       agreement and a big difference in terms of character between yourself and Isabel from the movie 'Love Is a Gun' of 1994?

       It is true that you take something of yourself into every role you play. The agreement with Isabel is that I can identify with some of her anxious

       thoughts. But the differences between us are greater. For example I would have handled things differently. Not as hysterical as she did perhaps. I

       myself would never have a woman talk to an abortion, as Isabel did to Jean Starr (played by Kelly Preston, ed.). I also would not be as sticky to my

       beloved as Isabel did. I also think that I am standing happier in life than Isabel. I really enjoyed playing her. Isabel can belong to my own group of

       friends. But then I would advising her probably to do some things more quietly.

008.At what point in your career are you so far the most proud and/or do you have the best memories?

       I am very proud of the movie 'Animal House' from 1978 in which I play the role of Brunella. Partly because I was pregnant of my son Keaton during

       filming the movie. But also because the film was made with such a nice group of people. Eventually, the film reached a large audience. Also my guest

       role in an episode of the first season as Lara in the TV series "Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman" from 1994 was much fun to do.

009.In 1996 you could be seen as Miranda in the TV movie 'Doctor Who'. What do you have yourself with the TV series "Doctor Who" that ran

       from 1963 to 1989?

       Before I started playing Miranda's role, I was not familiar with "Doctor Who". The audience really has a passion for the series and I really like that. I

       also feel honored to be part of the "Doctor Who" world.

010.The movie 'Babyfever' from 1994 was the first collaboration between you and Eric (Hollywood actor Eric Roberts, ed.). While you were

       married in 1992. How have you met each other and was it, in your opinion, love at first sight?

       Eric and I met when we were on a flight from New York to Los Angeles sitting next to each other. He himself says that it was love at first sight for him.

       For me was that actually also like that. I thought he was sweeter and friendlier than I expected. I myself am addicted to talent and Eric has plenty of it.

011.How did Eric and you come to your roles for the movie 'Babyfever'?

       David Duchovny (from the TV series "The X Files" and "Californication", ed.) has me introduced to Henry Jaglom. Henry asked me for 'Babyfever'.

       Together with his wife Victoria Foyt had Henry written the film and they would directing the film together. Victoria would also play the leading role in

       the film. When I approached before the film, Eric and I were in Malta for filming the TV movie 'Voyage' where Eric had one of the leading roles in. I

       returned to Los Angeles without Eric because my children did not want to come to Malta and I did not want to stay that long without them. Also, I had

       the role of Dr. Hilda Glass in 'Babyfever'. When Eric finished filming the TV movie 'Voyage' and he came home, he came straight to the set of

       ‘Babyfever’ because he missed me so much. Once there, Henry asked Eric if he wanted to play the role of Anthony in the movie. That way Eric and I

       both have a role in the film. In the meantime Eric and I have worked together on over 30 films and it's always fun to work with him. We love to listen to

       each other and respond spontaneously to each other in scenes.

012.With both your daughter Morgan and your son Keaton you have worked together. How did you experience this?

       It is great to be able to work together with your children. My daughter Morgan assists me with casting roles since she is seven years old. I work every

       day many hours and I love to be with my children. They went with me to my work or they came to me almost every day at work. That way Morgan

       learned to know the casting world. In 2000 she assisted me as casting director for the film 'Luck of the Draw', where Eric plays one of the leading

       roles in. It was great working with Morgan. She is now a great chef and baker. My son Keaton has been a singer since 2004. His music can also be

       heard in TV series as "The Good Wife", "90210" from 2008, "The Young and the Restless", "Sons of Anarchy" and "Suits ". But Keaton has also

       acted. He was, for example, with Eric see in the films 'Best of the Best 2',  Hollywood Dreams', 'Paranormal Movie' and 'Rock Story'. With me he was

       in the movie 'Letting Go' and the three of us were in the film 'Days of Power'. Keaton has also played guest roles in TV series like "Malcolm in the

       Middle", "Amercian Dreams" and "Californication". I am very proud of both of mine children.

013.What can we expect from you in the future in showbizz?

       From Sunday 26 August 2018 I will be seen in America as Marlene Sagle in the film  'Lone Star Deception'. I play the role of Gina in the movie 'Stan

       the Man' and Sheilah in the movie 'Frank and Ava'. Both films must be released in 2018. In 2019 I can be seen as Ivanna Moss in the mini-series

       'Class Act'. I'm going to play Aunt Reba in a guest role in the first season of the new TV series "Scrutiny". I am also the producer of the short film

       'Young & Naive'.


Eliza would like to pay attention to visit the sites of Natural Child and Keaton Simons by: https://www.naturalchild.org/ and http://www.keatonsimons.com/.


Interview: Perry Krootjes