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On 24 February 1947 in East Los Angeles in California is Edward James Olmos born who began acting when he was twenty. He made his film debut in 1974 with a role in 'Bogard'. This was followed by roles in the films 'Aloha Bobby and Rose' and 'Alambrista!' and the TV movie 'Evening in Byzantium'. He had his breakthrough in 1978 as El Pachuco in the musical Zoot Suit. For this he received a Tony Award nomination (the most important American theater prize). Hereafter, Edward had roles in the TV movie 'Three Hundred Miles for Stephanie' and the films 'Virus' and 'Wolfen', before he again took on the role of El Pachuco in 1981 in the film version of 'Zoot Suit'. In 1982 Edward was seen in the role of Gaff in 'Blade Runner' and that same year he also played a role in the TV movie 'The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez'. Edward was also the co-producer and composer. His greatest professional success came in 1984 with the popular television series "Miami Vice". In this, Edward played the role of Lieutenant Martin Castillo for five seasons. He won a Golden Globe and a People's Choice Award for his work on the series. He also made his directing debut with the episode called "Bushido". In 1986 Edward had a role in the film 'Saving Grace'. He was seen in 1988 as Jaime Escalante in 'Stand and Deliver' where he received an Oscar nomination. The same year, Edward also played a role in the mini-series 'The Fortunate Pilgrim'. He also had roles in the films 'Triumph of the Spirit' and 'Talent for the Game'. In 1992 Edward had a role in the film 'American Me'. He was the producer, director and the star of this project. This was followed by roles in the films 'Even Cowgirls Get the Blues', 'Roosters' and 'A Million to Juan' and the TV films 'Menedez: A Killing in Beverly Hills' and 'The Burning Sesason'. Edward had in 1995 roles in the films 'Mirage' and 'My Family', the mini-series '500 Nations' and the TV movie 'Slave of Dreams' and was together with Miquel Ferrer (Garret Macy in "Crossing Jordan") be seen in the video clip "I Will Remember" by Toto. Edward had in 1996 roles in the films 'Caught' and 'The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca', the mini-series 'Dead Man's Walk' and the TV movie 'The Limbic Region'. He could in 1997 be admire as Abraham Quintanilla in the movie 'Selena' and that year he also played roles in the TV films' Hollywood Confidential 'and '12 Angry Men'. Hereafter Edward had roles in the films ‘The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit’ and ‘Gossip’ and the television films ‘The Taking of Pelham One Two Three’ (not the one with John Travolta), ‘The Wall’, ‘Bonanno: A Godfather's Story', 'The Princess & the Barrio Boy', 'The Judge' and 'In the Time of the Butterflies'. He gave his voice to the animated film 'The Road to El Dorado'. In 2002, Edward was seen for two seasons as Jess Gonzalez in the TV series "American Family". From 2004 to 2009 he could be admired as Admiral William Adama in "Battlestar Galactica". First there was the mini-series, followed by the TV series of four seasons of which Edward directed four episodes and finally a 'Battlestar Galactica' TV movie and film. In 2006 Edward played a role in the TV movie 'Walkout'. Of this he was also the executive producer and director. That same year Edward also played a role in the film 'Splinter' directed by his son Michael. He gave in 2008 his voice to El Diablo in the movie 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua'. Edward was also featured in the short films 'Disturbing the Peace', 'La cerca', 'A Class Apart', 'House of the Righteous' and 'Jack and Marilyn'. For the last one he was also the producer and director. Between 2010 and 2013 Edward had roles in the films 'I'm Still Here', 'The Green Hornet' from 2011 and '2 Guns'. Edward also played in the Spanish-language film 'America' and 'Filly Brown'. In both he was also involved as an executive producer. Except that Edward played in the movie 'Go for Sisters', he also produced it. Guestappearances had Edward in TV series like "Cannon", "Kojak", "The Blue Knight", "Police Woman", "Delvecchio", "Starsky and Hutch", "Hawaii Five-O", "Visions", "The Fitzpatricks "," ChiPs "," American Playhouse "," Hill Street Blues "," Faerie Tale Theate "," Gun ","Touched by an Angel "," The West Wing "," Great Writers, Great Cities "," Greetings from Tucson ", "George Lopez "," CSI: NY "," Eureka" and" Dexter”.


In 1985 Edward won an Emmy Award for his role in the TV series "Miama Vice". In 1986 he received an Emmy Award nomination. In 1989 he received an Academy Award nomination and a Golden Globe for his role in the movie 'Stand and Deliver'. In 1995 Edward was nominated for both a Golden Globe and an Emmy Award for his role in the film 'The Burning Season'. For his role in the TV series "Battlestar Galactica" he was nominated for a Saturn Award in 2007. Edward James Olmos is a very busy man, but Perry from Moov.nl was given the opportunity to interview him for the internet site.


001.What is your favorite CD?

       My favorite CD is 'Dark Void' from Bear McCreary.

002.What is your favorite song?

       For me is that the song "Gayatri Mantra" from the female singer Deva Premal.

003.Your sons Mico and Bodie are also actors. Can the public soon expect a project with the three of you?

       With both Mico and Bodie I was shown in the films 'The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez' and 'Splinter'. In addition, I have worked with Bodie in the films

       'Stand and Deliver', 'The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit' and 'Walkout' and the TV series "American Family" and "Battlestar Galactica" from 2004 and with

       Mico on the film "Filly Brown". Currently we have no plans for a new collaboration. However, if the right offer comes our way, then I would love to work

       with them again. Until that time they both work with me at Olmos Productions.

004.You sometimes hear that in every character that an actor and actress plays, there is something about him and herself. Can you both name

       an agreement and a big difference in character between yourself and Admiral William Adama of "Battlestar Galactica" from 2004?

       Personally, I think that when an actor or actress puts some natural things into his or her character, you get the best performance. Like Admiral William

       Adama, I strongly believe in self discipline and personal responsibility. And the difference? I'm much funnier like him, haha.

005.How do you look back at the movie 'Blade Runner' from 1982 and especially your role of Gaff?

       Gaff was and still is a hugely important character for me. I always feel flattered when people still remember him. I myself see that the characters of

       Gaff from 'Blade Runner' and Admiral William Adama of "Battlestar Galactica" from 2004 have an agreement with each other. The one is an extension

       of the other. Just look at the last episode of "Battlestar Galactica" from 2004 and then immediately afterwards to 'Blade Runner'. I think you will

       understand what I do mean.

006.What can we expect from you in the future in showbizz?

       From Tuesday, March 24, 2015, I can be seen for nine weeks on American TV as Robert Gonzales in the second season of the TV series "Agents of

       S.H.I.E.L.D.". I am also going to play the role this year of Quelle in the movie 'The Art of Living', have a role in the film that is still is called 'Untitled Jim

       Loach Project ', take care of the voice of the character Gayo in the animated film' El Americano: The Movie' and play the role of Charlie in 'Monday

       Nights at Seven'. I also be involved as a producer in the last two films.


For more information, visit www.edwardjamesolmos.com.


Interview: Perry Krootjes