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Dorien Rose Duinker, born in North Holland on 14 November 1983 in Haarlem, grew up in Hong Kong in China from 1 to 6 years of age. She ended up there at the age of four in the theater. In 2009 she was proclaimed the Netherlands' most successful Playmate ever. This is because Dorien, besides being successful in the Netherlands as Playmate, also decorated the men's magazine in more than fifteen countries. She graced more than sixty magazine covers in her modeling career. As a cover model, Dorien posed for magazines such as Glamor, Elle, Cosmogirl, PIG Italy, Elegance, Ché, Playboy, Marie Claire, Beau Monde, BLVD and Talkies and adorned billboards for, among others, SAPPH lingerie and REVLON, for which she had been the face for years. Dorien is since 2007 the look a like of Angelina Jolie. In Brazil she came first in the Brazilian Playboy Top 100 list. Dorien was co-owner of the International audiovisual production company, Hadoken Productions. In 2011 she played the role of Zoe in the American film 'Amsterdam Heavy', while Dorien was shown in 2012 in the American TV series "Red Light Comedy: Live from Amsterdam". Since 2014 she works as a filmmaker and volunteer for World Animal Protection. In the short film 'Action Man: George Fire' and the short French film 'Cible' Dorien was to be admired, while she also had a share in the short English TV series, "The Faction of Farce". Perry from Moov.nl went into an conversation with the very friendly and cheerful Dorien Rose Duinker because of an interview for the internet site.


001.What is your favorite CD and why?

       I find that difficult. Because I have so many. But if I have to make a choice, then I go for the CD 'HIStory' by Michael Jackson. I think he is a true

       genius and he is my greatest musical hero. I can always listen to him.

002.What is your favorite song and when do you usually listen to it?

       This is currently the song "Do You Remember" by the Australian singer Jarryd James. I like to put it on in the car.

003.Do you ever listen to music just before filming?

       No I never do that. Then I prefer silence around me. I do not need music to prepare me, because that distracts me too much. I prepare myself by

       going through the scene with my fellow players.

004.How important is music in your private life?

       Music is important to me. I could and will not a holiday without it. I have never done that before, because I always have music with me. When I was

       little , I played piano and recorder myself, but at the age of twelve I got other interests and I quit because I not enjoy it anymore. My mother has

       always told me that I would regret it and she was right, because now I think it would be great to play piano very well.

005.Who is your favorite singer (man or woman) or group?

       Then I'll come back to Michael Jackson.

006.With who would you like to sing a duet?

       In that case I would go for Justin Timberlake.

007.What is your favorite sport? And do you also practice a sport yourself?

       I look at important matches for men's football, such as the World Cup and European Championships. But to be honest, I think it's more fun to do

      sports yourself than to watch. I do for example at tennis, football, golf, boxing and darts.

008.You are acting in TV series (like "Red Light Comedy: Live from Amsterdam" from 2012) and films (as 'Amsterdam Heavy' from 2011), have a

       modeling career, are the look-a-like of Angelina Jolie, are filmmaker and volunteer (for World Animal Protection since 2014) and had an

       audiovisual production company (Hadoken Productions). If you need to make a choice from all your work that you do that’s the most

       nicest thing to do, what would this be then?

       Then I go for acting. The love for acting has always been there. I would like play many different types of roles. I see acting as an unloading valve.

009.You sometimes hear that every character that an actor or actress play something contains of himself. Can you name both an agreement

       and a big difference in terms of character between yourself and Zoe from 'Amsterdam Heavy' of 2011?

       Yes, because people naturally have a lot of different sides. The agreement between us is that we are both a dominant person. I know very well what I

       want, so being dominant is certainly not a negative thing. In everything else is Zoe different from me, haha. Because she was a contract killer.

010.At what point in your career are you the most proud and/or do you have the best memories?

       I am proud of so many things. In everything I have done I am 100% full behind it. At the beginning of my career I played especially sexy roles. Then

       came the action roles and today are the roles a bit more drama.

011.Since 2007 you are look a like for Angelina Jolie. Can you tell something more about this?

       The look-a-like agency in Germany approached me for this. From 2007 to 2016 I did a lot of work with Sam Brown. He’s the English look-a-like of

       Brad Pitt. But since the real Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt broke up in 2016, Sam and I now do our work separate from each other. That is a shame,

       because in those nine years that we worked together he has become a good friend of mine. My work is doing photo shoots and commercials and

       appear on openings and Hollywood parties. Sometimes people in Asia think I’m the real one. There was even once flown one helicopter over

       because they thought that the real Angelina was there. That was very bizarre. I saw the real Angelina Jolie in real life in 2011 when I was at the

       Cannes Film Festival. But I did not speak to her.

012.How do you look back on working at the movie 'Amsterdam Heavy' from 2011?

       I look back on that with pleasure. I also learned a lot there, such as martial arts. With that film we went to the Cannes Film Festival what was one

       fantastic experience. It is very bizarre to see yourself on big posters at the most prominent film festival in the world and throughout the city. I was quite

       proud of that and it certainly tastes for more.

013.Have you met Hollwood actor Michael Madsen?

       I met Michael, who played the role of Martin Keele in the film, even though I did not have a scene with him. He was very friendly and we chilled an


014.What can we expect from you in the future in showbizz?

       In 2017 I’ve got roles in the movies 'Squatters' and 'Cat & Mouse'. With 'Cat & Mouse' I make my debut as a writer and director. From Wednesday 12

       September 2018 I could be seen as Kelly in the movie 'Hot Like Hell'. On Tuesday 11 In December 2018 the movie 'Hello Au Revor' will be released

       on the internet in which I played the role of Stacey Cameron. I play the role of Christine Jacobs in the movie 'Purgatorium' and Franci in the movie

       'Paradise'. In 2018 comes the short film 'Cadillac Respect'. In that movie I am behind the scenes also responsible as a second unit director and I am

       partly responsible for the casting.


For more information about Dorien Rose Duinker visit her site www.dorienrose.com.



Photographer: Katja de Bruijn for Iconogenic


Interview: Perry Krootjes