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The on January 17 1977 in New York City New York, USA born Daniel Louis Rivas made his acting debut in 1986 with a role in the movie ‘Sid and Nancy’. In 1990 he starred in the TV movie ‘Gryphon’. Daniel started in 1994 with modeling. He is for example a former Calvin Klein model. In 1995 Daniel was for a short time frontman of the punk rock band 57-Blackness. He started in 1997 writing and painting. Daniel is an artist and posed his work in Amsterdam of the Netherlands and in Los Angeles and New York of America. In 1999 he had roles in the films ‘Mascara’ and ‘Never Been Kissed’. Daniel could be seen in 2002 in the movies ‘Zig Zag’ and ‘The Violent Kind '. In 2003 he performed the role of Dracko in the movie 'Adrenaline'. Daniel played in 2005 the role of Pretty in the film 'Shackles'. In 2008 he was seen as Richard Havoc in the film ‘Altamont Now’ and as Lt. Swanson in the film 'Black Ops'. Daniel had in 2010 a role in the film ‘Cherry’. In 2012 he played the role of Danny in the film 'Junkie'. A film he also produced. Daniel appeared in the short films as ‘Me and Max’, ‘Waking Mele’, ‘Suicide Regimen’, ‘Parallel Passage’, ‘The Insect Chorus’, ‘Santa Teresa’, ‘Out Getting Ribs’ and ‘Just One Look’. He has guestappearances in tv-series as “New York Undercover”, “413 Hope St.”, “American Family”, “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, “NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service”, “Mixology”, “Hand of God”, “American Crime” and “Rizzoli & Isles”. Perry from Moov.nl spoke with the friendly Daniel Louis Rivas because of an interview for the website.


001.What’s you’re favorite CD?

       For me is that the CD ‘Urban Hymns’ of the Britpop band The Verve.

002.What’s you’re favorite number?

       In the morning I like to listen to the song "The Drugs Do not Work" by The Verve. From this number I can get my


003.Do you ever listen to music before you need to film?

       Sometimes I listen before we begin with a scene to some music to call a certain feeling in myself. However, this is not

       always necessary. It dependent by each movie. By one film I can use it and by the other I can’t.
004.How important is music in your life?

       For me music is very important. I just can not without it. Even if I do not have music on, I hum melodies.

005.What’s you’re favorite sport to watch? And which sport do you do yourself?

       I used to do at skateboarding. But, to be honest I do not like sports.

006.You're not only an actor, but also an artist. Can you tell us more about this other passion of yours?

       At twenty I started painting. This is to express myself more. I am a great admirer of the artists Francis Bacon and Jean

       Michel Basquie. As reflected in my paintings is how I feel.

007.Besides that, you’re also an writer. But writer of books or do you write scripts for TV shows and/or movies?

       I actually write scripts for TV series and movies. Only, no mega-movies like 'Star Wars', haha. But who knows what the

       future brings me. Besides that I also write short stories. I write really since I’m twenty-four. And to think it all started

       with the diary that I had as a child?!

008.Besides acting, being an artist and a writer, you also do modeling work. Are you still doig this?

       At the age of seventeen I started modeling. Very occasionally I still do it sometimes. But I try not to do it often anymore.

       Officially I stopped with it when I was twenty-four.

009.Lately you see more often that actors and actresses go into the theater. For example at Broadway in America and

       London in England. Is this something you also wanna do?

       I used to do that. But I am stopped with it because I wanted to focus on other things. That I go back on stage again in the

       future is not unthinkable. I'm just talking about a role in a play and not in a musical. Dancing and singing is in fact not

       really my thing.

010.Which of the things you do now do you prefer?

       I choose to paint then. Because this is something that is 100% of myself. And that is of course magnificent.

011.What can we expect in showbizway from you in the future?

       This year must come out the short thriller film 'Avalon' where for I'm the executive producer.


Look for more information about Daniel Louis Rivas on www.daniellouisrivas.com.


Interview: Perry Krootjes