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Billy Warlock  was born on March 26, 1961 in Gardena, California, USA. It was in 1980 working on an episode of  “Mork and Mindy” where he stunt double for Robin Williams that led to his big break on “Happy Days”. The great director Gary Marshall ran those shows and directed the episode in which Billy worked doubling  Robin Williams. He rember him and that led to his role on “Happy Days” as Flip Phillips. He then did in 1983 a pilot for NBC called ‘Six Pack’, a spin off of the Kenny Rogers-movies. Then in 1986 to 1991 he played from season 24 to 28 the role of Frankie Brady in the soap opera "Days of Our Lives”. In 1987 Billy had a role in the movie 'Hotshot'. In 1989 he appeared as Bill Whitney in the film 'Society', as Chris Cutty in the TV movie ‘Swimsuit’, as Sam McBride in the TV movie ‘Class Cruise’ and performed in the first two seasons of the TV series "Baywatch" the role of Eddie Kramer. Billy played in 1993 a season, the role of Matt Matheson in the TV series "The Hat Squad". In 1994 he could be seen as Lyle Menendez in the TV movie ‘Honor Thy Father and Mother: The True Story of the Menendez Murders’.  Then in 1995 ‘Mr Payback: An Interactive Movie’, the first interactive videogame ever produced for theaters. Billy  then played the role in 1996 of F.A. Matt Eisenhauer in the TV movie ‘Panic in the Skies!’. In 1997 he was be seen as Bryant Donatello in the film Opposite Corners ', as Bob Rogers in the movie ‘Steel Sharks' and played from season 35 to 40 the role of A.J. Quatermaine in the soap opera "General Hospital”. Billy played in 2003 again the role of Eddie Kramer in the TV movie ‘Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding’. In 2004, he appeared as Captain Jack Griffin in the movie ‘The Thing Below’, returned as Frankie Brady on the soap opera “Days of Our Lives” which he did this time from season 42 to 44 and was to see in the theater as Felix Turner in the play The Normal Heart. Billy had a role in 2006 in the film 'Fatwa'. From 2009 to 2010 he was the voice of Miller Lite beer commercials. Billy could be seen in the short film ‘Hatchet Man’. He had guest appearances in TV series like “ABC Afterschool Specials”, "Lottery!", was a regular for one season on "Capitol", "Disneyland," "Rags to Riches", "21 Jump Street," "Silk Stalkings," "Marker," "NYPD Blue "," Baywatch Nights "," Diagnosis Murder "," The Young and the Restless”, “Damages”, “As the World Turns” and “One Life to Live”. Perry from Moov.nl was given the opportunity to interview Billy Warlock for an interview for the website.


001.What is your favorite CD and why?

       A particular favorite CD I don’t have. I like anything from Led Zeppelin. They are the best rock band of all time, in my humble opinion.

002.What is your favorite song?

       I don’t really have a favorite. Too many to choose from.

003.Do you turn sometimes music just before you start filming?

       Nah, I just put my self into the situation and try my best at being as honest as I can.

004.How important is music in your life for you?

       I love music. I listen to music practically everyday at some point. Weather I’m really listening or it’s back ground music.

005.With who would you ever want to sing a duet?

        I don’t sing. Believe me. I wouldn’t want to put anyone through that kind of pain.

006.What is your favorite sport? And do you also practice a sport yourself?

       I would have to say for now MMA “”mixed martial arts. And skiing since I make a living at it.

007.You sometimes hear that every character played by an actor or actress contains anything from itself. Can you call an agreement and big

       difference in characteristic between yourself and Eddie Kramer of "Baywatch" from 1989?

       I think we have be able to identify with the character we play. That doesn’t mean we are him. Eddie Kramer, however, was mainly me. I created the

       character. But that of course doesn’t always apply. Like the time I played Lyle Menedes in the tv-movie ‘Honor Thy Father and Mother: The True

       Story of the Menendez Murders’ from 1994. Lyle and his brother Eric killed their parents in cold blood. So obviously that isn’t something I identify

       with, but I did have to put myself in that place. It was very difficult.

008.At what point in your career, you are so far the most proud and/or do you have the best memories?

       I guess I’m most proud of playing Felix Turner in the play The Normal Heart which I did in 2004 in New York. It was a fantatsic experience. And

       playing Frankie Brady on “Days of Our Lives”. It was of course great to have won an Emmy in 1988. But it did not changed my life.

009.Is it true that you are not the only one in your family who is working in the showbiz?

       That’s true. My father paved the way. He’s was an amazing stuntman and he played Michael Myers, the most scariest man on the planet in the

       movie ‘Halloween 2’ from 1981. In that movie I had a very small role. My younger brother Lance played the radio-carrying teen. So it was a bit of a

       family affair. Lance is indeed today a composer for movies.

010.What do you see yourself as your big break by the public?

       Well, "Happy Days" from 1982 was the beginning, but "Days of Our Lives" from 1986 was certainly the role that put my career on the map. And then

       there was in 1989 the tv-series “Baywatch” that certainly helped. I really had a great time because of those shows.

011.What can we expect on showbiz in the future from you?

       Not much really. My wife and live in Telluride, a place in Colorado where I’m a ski instructor/ski school supervisor. We’ve pretty much put showbiz

       behind us. We love our new life.


Look for the song "I'm Always Here" (the "Baywatch" - opening song) by Jimi Jamison on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilAJJ3WHg6g.


Interview: Perry Krootjes