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The on June 22, 1977 in Wabamun, a town in the Canadian province of Alberta, born Andrew Buchanan discovered the magic of figure skating in 1984. He began to participate in various championships and became Western Canadian Champion, both solo and with few driving. Over the years, Andrew has developed a highly distinctive style. This makes him successful as a solo skater, but also as part of a romantic couple, along with his wife Robin Johnstone. Andrew has skated in many productions, including Broadway on Ice, Professionals on Ice and Dancing on Ice UK.


The on July 10, 1974 in Winnipeg, the capital of the Canadian province of Manitoba, born Robin Johnstone skated several competitions at National Canadian level before she became a professional skater in 1995. She has spent the past twenty years skating worldwide in ice shows.


In 2000 they both worked on the show Disney on Ice where the love blossomed between them. This they made sure they got married on June 8, 2007 and since then they go as husband and wife through life.


Andrew performed in Holiday On Ice: Believe the role of Antonio, while Robin took on the role of Clarissa. For both, this was their first Holiday On Ice – adventure. Perry from Moov.nl talked to the friendly Andrew Buchanan and Robin Johnstone for an interview for the website.


001.What do you have yourself with the Holiday on Ice - shows?

       ROBIN: To be honest I had as a child not much with Holiday on Ice. Because you had in Canada no Holiday on Ice - shows. We do have heard

       previously of Holiday On Ice, but it was until 2000 that both Andrew and myself visit our first Holiday on Ice – show.

       ANDREW: Holiday on Ice: Believe was premiered in November 2016 in Germany and this was the first Holiday on Ice - show that both Robin and

       myself were skating in. Christopher Dean (both creative director and choreographer of the show, ed.) has put down a great performance. I see

       Holiday On Ice: Believe as a dream come true. It is a love story that I may interpret starring with my wife. Great to do is that.

002.At what point in your career are you so far the most proud and/or do you keep the best memories?

       ANDREW: That's very difficult to say. Disney on Ice from 2000 was where we got to know each other. On a personal level that show have been

       important to us.

       ROBIN: All the productions we have done in our career have been important for us in their own way. We also find it both fun to do new things. I think

       the latest we're working on at that time, we were there than most proud on.

003.How is it to skate sometimes with someone else?

       ROBIN: Most I skate of course with Andrew. But in 2013 and 2014 we both participated to the television program "Dancing on Ice". So I skated

       myself in the eighth season of "Dancing on Ice" with former rugby player Gareth Thomas, with whom I won the fourth place. Andrew skated in that

       edition with television presenter Anthea Turner with whom he won the ninth place. In the ninth season the program had the title "Dancing on Ice: All

       Stars" and I skated with comedian Joe Pasquale with whom I won the thirteenth place. Andrew skated with actress Zaraah Abrahams and their were

       ninth. Then you have someone as skating partner who can not or can not good skate. Because they are doing something they normally not do. That

       was difficult, but also exciting and fun to do.

004.Does it to you whether you skatin for a large or a small audience?

       ANDREW: For me it does not matter. I both cases, you have to give the best and make your audience get to see a great show. What is nice to

       skate with Robin, is that we have confidence in each other for one hundred percent. That's very important in this business. Because you have to

       concentrate on your own thing. It should not be necessary to worry at the other. So, we don’t do that. Robin and I have been together seventeen

       years and always on the road. We live as it were in hotels then. But two months a year we have vacation. It is wonderful to be able to do your own

       thing in your own home. For example, it is nice to sleep in your own bed then.

005.What do you think yourself of how the Romeo & Juliet - story was processed in the Holiday on Ice: Believe show?

       ROBIN: I loved it. The difference with the original story and ours, is that here they do meet. With us it ends successfully.

       ANDREW: The story tells about two worlds. My role of Antonio lives in the underworld and is a laborer in a factory. Antonio was our Romeo. Robin

       played Clarissa. She was our Juliet. Clarissa lives in the world of glamor and where everything is over the top. They are not satisfied with their own

       lives and try to discover if there is more in live, when they run into each other.

       ROBIN: It was perhaps a more serious Holiday on Ice - show than in previous years. But also fun for children. We saw that they certainly came to

       watch. They found for example the technology we use in the show wonderful. Also there was acrobatics in the show.

006.What can we expect from you in show business area in the future?

       ROBIN: There are some things in the planning, but unfortunately we may say nothing about it.


Look for a piece from Holiday on Ice: Believe with Andrew & Robin on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClgYSjp0h54.


Photo: Andrew Buchanan & Robin Johnstone


Interview: Perry Krootjes